Dive into the world of VTUBING with L.A.P.S. For Unreal Engine 5!

Imagine, build and share your vision with your community!

Live Avatar Performance Solution

With L.A.P.S. (for Live Avatars Performance Solution) embody your ultrarealistic avatar on your favorite streaming platform.

L.A.P.S. is for everyone who wants to dive into the world of Vtubing quickly and easily, and for experienced Vtubers who are looking for an extensive solution to animate realtime avatars.

Imagine, build and share your vision with your community!

Play natural and believable characters

  • Show your emotions and expressions faithfully with our customizable micro-expression technology.
  • Subtly enrich your body language with our technology reproducing and accentuating the movements of your face and bust.
  • Add notions of moods to your character to give more impact to your messages and enrich your acting.

A new and fun way to communicate while protecting your identity

  • Protect your identity on streaming platforms.
  • Engage your community in a new and fun way.
  • Express yourself anonymously on subject that matters to you.
  • Give yourself tools to express your creativity.

Designed & developed around your needs.

Fully developed for Unreal Engine 5 and designed around the needs of Vtubers with Twitch integration in mind, L.A.P.S. For Unreal allows you to use your Metahumans and characters created under Character Creator quickly and easily on your favorite streaming platforms*.

Thanks to our advanced animation modules, all the time-consuming and complex part of setting up Vtubing sessions has already been prepared for you!

With L.A.P.S. For Unreal, setup your first Vtubing session in less than 1 hour!

  • Developped & integrated within the Unreal Engine Editor.
  • Compatible with Metahuman & Character Creator.
  • Expression and micro-expression modules to subtly and naturally enrich your facial expressions.
  • Ready-to-use environments for streaming and video conferencing.
  • Compatible with STREAMDECK hardware and MIDI controlers.
  • Twitch actions integration already taken care off**.

* recquires an iPhone with FaceID

** recquires a TwiWorks licence and an active Twitch account

Works with :

To start, you will need:

-An UNREAL ENGINE 5 installation

-An iPhone with FaceID

-A TwiWorks licence and an active Twitch account (available on the Unreal Marketplace)

Let’s work together to develop the Vtubing solution of tomorrow!